About Us

Cafezinho is a word that means more than small coffee. It is almost a synonym for "welcome" in Brazil.

Almost everywhere you go in Brazil, any time of the day or night, you will be offered a cafezinho. The small cup of black, sweet coffee is used as an ice breaker, a conversation starter, an after-meal drink, or just a treat throughout the day.

Our pursuit of the perfect cup started more than 20 years ago. After thousands of cuppings, going to coffee producing countries and visiting farms, mills, exporters and importers, we discovered that our search was an effort in futility. The concept of a perfect cup of coffee is highly subjective.


We strive to give you the best coffee from each country that we source our single origin offerings, and we have worked tirelessly on our blends, so you can find your perfect cup.


 If you are just a casual coffee drinker or a coffee purist, a flavored latte lover or a decaf fan, we will have something special for you.