Decaf SW Peru

Decaf Swiss Water® Peru

We know. You just want to enjoy a cup of coffee with out bouncing off the walls with out having to explain to someone why you drink decaf. But more importantly, you are tired of taking a sip of your regular decaf brew and noticing that it tastes like a decaf coffee. We got your back. This Swiss Water decaf Peruvian coffee has all the flavor of a regular coffee, without the caffeine. 

Swiss Water® Process uses water and green coffee extract, time and temperature to create a coffee that is 99.9% caffeine free, and still maintains all the flavor profiles of the original coffee used. No solvents here. 

  • Altitude – Various
  • Process – Swiss Water Decaf
  • Variety - Various
  • Roast Level - 

Cupping Notes – Balanced body with hints of bakers chocolate, pistachios, raisins with a sweet finish.